I specialize in blog articles, website landing pages, press releases, and product descriptions. I’ve written for beauty supply, outdoor sports, filmmaker blogs, and technology consultation companies since 2014, so my experience with inbound marketing might overflow a thimble, but it would be a good thimble full of fluid SEO content.

I received my BA in English from CSU Sacramento where I worked as a writing tutor and learned what it’s like to spend hours reading boring, sloppy content. It has since become my goal to make sure that doesn’t happen in the content I write for you. My priorities are always to create something useful and interesting, with the exception of this bio, which I think we can all agree, has gone on too long at this point. So long as we all understand I’m a cool person, and just as soon as someone agrees to publish my fort-two part sci-fi series I will leave all you losers in the dust.

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